Prep N' Cleanse

Charisma Nail Innovations Prep N' Cleanse is a spray sanitizer that is used both on the hands and the nail plate before application of products are applied. Can be used with all of Charisma Nail innovations products. This product is sold separately and is also available in the Gel pro kit.

Available Sizes: 2oz; 4oz; 16oz

Top Coat

Charisma Nail Innovations Top Coat is a quick dry lacquer that can be used on top of nail polish or on top of all artificial nail surfaces.

Available Size: .5 oz


Charisma Nail Innovations Primer is ideal for nails that require extra adhesion. The acid-based formula offers superior adhesion even under the most extreme conditions.

Usage: Apply sparingly. Can be used with any liquid-and-powder system.

Available Sizes: 10 ml bottle with brush applicator, convenient, non-spill pen applicator

Cuticle Oil 

Charisma Nail Innovations Cuticle Oil combines a variety of hydrating oils, including tea tree and jojoba, to keep cuticles and the skin around the nail bed nourished and rejuvenated. The light, pineapple-scented oil leaves skin and nails feeling moisturized, never greasy. Daily use conditions dry, brittle cuticles and keeps nails strong and flexible.

Usage: Use after artificial enhancements. Makes a great retail item for daily at-home treatment.

Available Size: .5 oz/ 15 ml


Charisma Nail Innovations Dehydrator removes all traces of excess moisture and natural oils from the nail plate, leaving nails clean and prepared for all artificial enhancement applications. Contains no dyes, eliminating excessive residue on the nail plate.

Usage: Apply to the nail plate prior to all artificial enhancements.

Available Size: .5 oz/ 15 ml

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UV Top Coat

Charisma Nail Innovations UV Top Coat is a super-durable, long lasting high-gloss finishing coat that eliminates chipping and yellowing. It’s ideal for all types of acrylic enhancements. Optical brighteners protect artificial enhancements from discoloration due to sun or UV exposure. Resists all solvents.

Usage: Apply on artificial enhancements only.

Available Size: .5 oz/ 15m

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Brush-On Glue

Charisma Nail Innovations Brush-On Glue is a fast setting glue that is a super thin viscosity. It has a brush on application for control.

To use: Apply an even, thin application. Can be used on artificial enhancements, tips and natural nails.

Usage: Brush On Glue is used to bonds nail tips to the natural nail plate quickly. It can also be used to repairs  cracks and chips. It is a fast-drying formula for artificial enhancements, tips and natural nails.

Available Size: 6 ml