Nail Tips

Designed to combine the elegant look of sculpted nails, with the ease of a tip application. Charisma Nail Innovations Competition Tips create the perfect shape, smile line and C-Curve every time.

  • Made without a well to better adhere to the outer perimeter of the nail, allowing you to apply more acrylic
  • Smile line needs no enhancement
  • Designed with a perfect arch location for a beautiful appearance and perfect fit on all nail plates
  • Designed with a straight sidewall to help eliminate inconsistencies
  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Flexibility allows you to create a perfect C-curve

Available Shades: Clear, Natural and White
Available Sizes: 100 pack; 500 pack; 50 pack individual sizes #0- #9

What We Provide

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Sculpting Forms

Designed by world-renowned nail artist Lysa Comfort, Charisma Nail Innovations Sculpting Forms are constructed from non-stick Mylar for superior adhesion, making it easy to create a perfect nail on the first try. The specially designed grid makes it simple to custom tailor the form to any type of nail. Custom-designed support tabs help you achieve a perfect C-curve. Perforated back give you more workability with difficult nail shapes.

Available Sizes: 100 Pack, Flat Sheets; 500 Pack, Flat Sheets

C-Curve Sticks

Charisma Nail Innovations C-Curve Sticks are the perfect tools for achieving the perfect C-curve. These competition-worthy tools are ideal for refining and perfecting C-curves. Now it’s even easier to transform an artificial enhancement into a natural-looking nail.

Usage: Place under sculpted nail free edge. Use fingers to pinch the nail into shape around the C-Curve Stick.

Available Size: 6 different sizes to fit all nail shapes and sizes


Charisma Nail Innovations files are constructed in the United States from the highest-quality file paper available. They’re ideal for shaping and refining nails. The curved top makes it easier to file around the cuticle area. One side is designed to contour; the other side files straight sidewalls. Washable.

Available Sizes:

  • 100-Grit White File: Durable, ideal for sidewalls and shaping the tops of the nails. Also good for reducing large amounts of acrylic.
  • 150-Grit Grey File: Helps refine acrylic
  • 180-Grit White File: Prepares the natural nail plate; begins the refining process
  • 180/240-Grit White Thin File: Suitable for natural nails and for filing hard-to-reach areas near the sidewall
  • 240-Grit White File: Use for minimal filing. Can also be used on natural nails.
  • 180/240-Grit Foam Buffer: Two grits for surface buffing and to finish refining nails
  • Two Way High Shine Buffer: Produces a glossy, high-shine finish on both natural nails and enhancement​

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